Rules and Regulations

  • The Big Bay Point Golf & Country Club’s designated season is typically May 15 through October 15 (weather dependent).
  • All Members are requested to familiarize themselves with the Club’s rules and regulations before using the facility.
  • The Club Manager, Golf Superintendent and all Pro Shop employees are empowered to enforce all golf rules and regulations

Playing Golf

  • All Members and guests must call ahead to book their tee time with the Pro Shop before beginning play 705-436-1378.  All rounds are to begin on the first tee.
  • If approved by the course superintendent, members may play outside of the designated pro shop hours. There is a sign in sheet on the Patio for after-hours play.
  • When the group in front is approaching the green on hole #1, the next group may tee off.
  • If a group is finishing on hole #9 and continuing on for a second 9, that group should be allowed to tee off on #10 (# 1) ahead of a group just arriving at tee # 1.  The new group may play next; they do not have to let a 2nd group play through.
  • All players are expected to keep pace with the flow of play.
  • If a group allows a hole to open up in front of them, they should offer to let the group behind “play through”.
  • In the event of thunder and/or lightning players should seek shelter in the nearest available building.
  • Please help maintain the course.  Put sand in your divots, repair ball marks on greens, and rake sand bunkers.

Guest Rules

  • Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with club rules.
  • Guest privileges are available subject to a daily 9 or 18 hole green fee, or tennis court fee.
  • The host member must accompany a guest, or make special arrangements with the Pro Shop prior to the appearance of the guest at the course. Any charges guests incur that they do not pay for at the time will be applied to the host member’s account.
  • The number of visits to play golf for a specific guest is limited to two days per calendar month.
  • Special arrangements are available for a guest spending a rental vacation period of one week or more at a member’s house at the Point. Guests will pay the daily golf fees. The member must notify the Club ahead of time to arrange this special short-term guest request.

Junior Members

  • Junior members (15yrs and under) may play weekdays except Ladies Day mornings, and after 3:00pm on weekends and holidays, or after 11:00am if accompanied by an adult member.
  • Juniors under 10 yrs old must be accompanied on the golf course by an adult.

 Weekday Members

  • Weekday members can play golf Monday to Friday and pay to play weekends throughout the  golf season with the exception of summer weekends from June 30 to September 5, holiday weekends, course closures and statutory holidays).
  • Weekday Junior Members must be accompanied by an adult member

Weekday Golf/Tennis Junior Only Membership

  • Junior’s ages 12-18 yrs may book a tee/court time Monday to Friday and pay to play weekends throughout the season with the exception of summer weekends from June 30 to September 5, holiday weekends, course closures and statutory holidays).
  • Juniors can enjoy playing during pro shop hours. 
  • Must abide by etiquette rules and dress code.  
  • Friends/parents/guests are subject to regular guest fees and guest policy of 2 times per month

Golf Dress Rules

A Standard Dress Code is in effect for all golfers on the course.

  • Acceptable – “Golf type” shorts; men’s shirts should be collared, have sleeves and are tucked in. Hats must be worn forward. Women may wear shirts that have collars or sleeves; mock style collars and sleeveless shirts.  Shirts do not have to be tucked in if designed that way.
  • Unacceptable – jeans, jogging pants, cut-offs, short-shorts, tank tops, backward facing baseball caps, t-shirts, bike shorts. NO DENIM.

Tennis (Only) Members

  • Tennis members can book a one hour court time and play any day of the week 
  • Tennis members can invite a guests to play subject to court fee and guest policy of 2 times per month
  • Tennis members may play golf as a guest of the Club up to 2 times per calendar month (green fees apply)

Tennis Dress Rules

  • Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes required. 

Golf Cart Rules

  • Members must sign in for golf carts in the Pro Shop prior to play.
  • Two riders and two bags only per cart.
  • Golf carts may only be driven by a person with a valid driver’s license.
  • Carts are not allowed on tees or within 20 feet of greens.  
  • To avoid delaying the following group, carts are to be parked between the green and the next tee, not in front of the green.  Go to the next tee prior to recording scores.
  • Private carts must be registered with and approved by the Pro Shop.
  • Avoid driving carts in any wet areas.
  • The Course Superintendent or, in his absence, the Club Manager shall have the authority to decide when the course is fit for play and whether carts may be driven on the course.
  • Members and their guests are responsible for any injury or damages while operating rental or personal carts.
  • Cart path only definition – carts to be driven down the driest side of the fairway, park and walk to your ball.   Carts may not be driven down the center of the fairways and please be mindful of areas with standing water.
  • Walking is permitted anytime.

Non-compliance with any Club rules may result in suspension of playing privileges. 

Membership Roster

  • The membership roster is for the exclusive use of members only and is not intended for the use of solicitation by other members or outside parties and is not to be copied or distributed to others. 


  • Alcohol purchases and consumption at the Club will be in accordance with the regulations set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Personal alcohol is strictly prohibited on Big Bay Point Golf & Country Club licensed premises.


  • Smoking is allowed only in the designated spot, which is at the patio tables set up beside the first tee.  Absolutely no smoking is permitted on the porch that is attached to the clubhouse, inside the clubhouse, pro shop or in the locker rooms. 


  • Accounts are to be paid in full within the month after being billed. Membership dues are to be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer and must be paid in full before a member’s first round is played.   Other items billed throughout the summer may be paid by cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit, or credit card.