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SINCE 1924

The Course and Clubhouse

Our course was designed by Stanley Thompson and has inspired golfers since its inception.  Perfect for beginners although don’t be fooled by the 2700 yards. Narrow mature tree lined fairways lead you into Thompson’s signature raised greens surrounded by grass mounds and bunkers. Big Bay Point challenges all levels of golfers.

In the late spring of 1926, Stanley Thompson, Canada's famous pioneer course designer, helped build the 9-hole course. The beginnings of the course had already started a few years earlier when several local cottagers cleared many rocks from the farmland owned by one of them. First there were 3 holes, followed by 5 holes the next year and then Thompson was hired to take over and design the whole layout. The way the greens fit into the mounds at Big Bay Point is a characteristic feature of the Thompson courses. The 9 hole course is easy to traverse and is a great place for beginners and for avid golfers. The par 33, 2700 yard course plays longer than you think. For 18 holes you simply play the 9 twice. Come give us a try!

Mildred Thompson, Golf Course designer Stanley Thompson’s sister, designed the clubhouse in 1934. Mildred drew up the plans for construction of the original clubhouse with the large stone fireplace becoming its’ focal point inside. The large front porch outside is a favourite spot for looking out over the golf course, while enjoying refreshments and recounting a golf game or two.

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Local Rules

  1. a. The out of bounds on the first hole is defined by the hedge beyond the green, the western fence line of the tennis courts and the neighbouring property lines.  Penalty stroke and distance.
  2. b. The fence surrounding the tennis courts is an immovable obstruction.  If it interferes with your swing, stance or line to the hole you may drop to the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole without penalty.
  3. On holes 1, 2 & 5, the ditch is a hazard. Penalty 1 stroke.
  4. On holes 2 & 5, the road is out of bounds.  Penalty stroke and distance. 
  5. A ball lying on the road on holes 3 & 9 may be lifted and dropped behind the road without penalty.
  6. If the fence on the 5th tee interferes with your line to the 3rd hole, you may drop to the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole to avoid the fence without penalty.
  7. Winter Rules, Preferred Lies on your own fairway only, and Summer Rules sign will be posted.  When playing Winter Rules, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed through the green.  When Playing Preferred Lies; move ball with the club head no nearer the hole.  When Playing Summer Rules; play the ball as it lies.
  8. Staked trees, club length permitted no closer to the hole.
  9. An established handicap is required to play in a club handicap competition.

Please post ALL Scores in Computer to Establish Handicap

Please Allow Faster Players to Play Through...